Reza’s Indian Spice

Reza Mahammad’s passion and unstoppable enthusiasm for Indian flavours are irresistible.

With his informal style, free-thinking attitude and an encyclopaedic knowledge of his country’s authentic food, Reza combines the Indian flavours and dishes we love with the easily available ingredients of the west with stunning results. Arranged to be ultimately reader-friendly, the core of the book is divided into Quick but Chic dishes that can be assembled in minutes for everyday eating; Slow Burners for laid back¬†entertaining that cook themselves while you relax; funky Show Off dishes for when you want to impress; and our beloved Classic Curries. A section of delicious desserts and a chapter on breads and basics completes the book.

The 100 recipes are fresh and modern: try spice-crusted halibut with a mint sauce, duck breasts with tamarind and sesame, an Indian-spiced take on aubergine tempura, or even throw some spicy chicken burgers on the grill.

The real genius of Reza’s book, though, is its commitment to seasonal western ingredients, such as a passion for rhubarb in all its forms, giving a refreshing rhubarb lassi, or light spiced chicken with rhubarb and spinach. The stunning photographs bring in all the colours of India with more than a touch of Bollywood pzazz.

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Rice, Spice and
all Things Nice

The recipes in this book are mostly the result of Reza’s travels and filming, though some come from his restaurant The Star of India and others are family recipes. He likens Indian cooking to alchemy, a continual experimentation with flavours and textures, which, with Reza’s guidance can yield culinary gold!

Divided into section such as Soups, Snacks and Breads, Fish, Meat and Rice Dishes this accessible book guides the cook through the spices and techniques used in Indian cuisine. Reza Mahammad understands the constraints of the home cook and with characteristic charm he urges us to enjoy the process. As he says, ‘…before you know it, you’ll be roasting and grinding your own spices with a flourish you never know you possessed. And if you’re not that way inclined, the supermarket ready-ground ones will do nicely.’

Reza's Book

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