The Star of India
Prepare to be Dazzled

154 Old Brompton Road
London SW5 0BE
Tel. 0207 373 2901
Fax. 0207 373 5664

The Star of India and its flamboyant patron Reza Mahammad have never been quite what one would expect from an Indian restaurant. Distinctive style, as well as wonderful food, has attracted a loyal clientele (including many familiar faces from TV, film and music worlds) for many years.

In fact, the restaurant has remained in the Mahammad family for over fifty years. Its style and ambience have changed dramatically since Reza took the helm in 1991. Recently refurbished, the Star fuses classical with contemporary design, using a diverse palate of textures, from horsehair to mother of pearl.

The menu features a wide range of cooking styles and dishes reflecting the vibrant cuisine of the Indian sub-continent. A carefully chosen wine list complements the interesting menu.

The Star of India has won several restaurant awards and been filmed for two television productions, confirming its position as one of London’s leading and most popular exponents of authentic Indian cuisine.